The flip of a page

Is simple

A turned over sheet

Like a leaf

Or leaves that fall so lightly

Drifting down

Skittering across the hardening ground

Easily crunched under feet

A simple gesture of Nature

No meaning assigned

Merely the deciduous decisions of trees

Or the southerly travel plans of geese

The mating pattern of honeybees

But the simple turning of a calendar page

Raises such a din

Issues a mighty cue

Sending humans spiraling in a fit

Of what to do

Who to be

Where to go

What habits to start, to stop

Will they last forever or perhaps will they not

And always to be




Better at ALL they do

Bettering as persons, parents, paramours

And things that don’t start with P

So much easier to accept it all

Like the goose, bee and tree

Sadly, the nature of humans

Is to struggle with their cells

These frenetic genetic motorcars

Driven at break neck speed

Until, once a year, they jam on brakes

To stop and flip the page

A new clean sheet

On which to place



And bettering bests

But I prefer

To take a cue

From the paper



At rest.