She was smart, and then they killed her. 
She saved the day, and then they killed her. 
She rescued all of France,
Showed that ladies could wear pants, 
And then they killed her!
Mais, oui.
A pleasant peasant girl from Domrémy
Able to hear divine instructions, without ipod or TV, 
Rode proud, “avante guard” and set her people free
100 years of pain & war, then she brought victory!
And then hey killed her.
C’est vrai.
They killed her, they up and burned her, 
they roasted 
and toasted 
and turned her 
on a spit of spite and hate,
making s’mores to celebrate
They fried her like bacon!
Even though she wasn’t fakin’
C’est nes pas formidable.
Pour la belle jeune fille 
qui a sauvé la journée, 
elle a été tuée
et elle fut brûlée
(*Best when sung. It will be going in my musical. Yeah, I said, I’m writin’ a musical. About the ladies. Oh, yeah.)